The Clever Jackal and the Foolish Crow

Clever Jackal and Foolish Crow

By Kholeka Mabeta

Illustrated by Benjamin Mitchley

Translated by
Victor Williamson
Kholeka Mabeta

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Available under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0

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One day there was this Jackal walking through the forest. He was real hungry. Then he looked up and saw Crow flying over the trees with cheese hanging out his mouth.
Once upon a time Jackal was walking around the bush. He was very hungry. He saw Crow flying above the trees with a big piece of cheese in his mouth.
"My god! That cheese look so good. I got to get me some of that," Jackal was thinking. "Ah, okay, I know what I ma do," he say, while he lick his lips. But he try not to let Crow see how hungry he be.
“Hmmm…that cheese looks delicious! I must find a way to get it,” thought Jackal. “Oh, I have a plan!” said Jackal to himself while wiping his mouth quickly. He did not want Crow to notice that he was hungry.
Crow was flying all morning. He was tired and sat on a tree branch. Jackal got right under the branch that Crow was on.
Crow had been flying the whole morning. He was tired. He decided to sit on a branch of a tree. Jackal sat down under the tree where Crow was sitting.
Jackal shouted out to Crow smiling, "Yo Crow! You looking mighty nice today. Your feathers so shinny and sleek. You must definitely be taking care of yourself.
Jackal called with a huge smile, “Hello Crow! You're looking very good today. Your feathers look glossy and healthy. You must be taking very good care of yourself.”
Crow felt flattered by this. Crow already knew he was the strongest and prettiest bird anyway.
Crow was very flattered to hear this. Crow always thought he was the strongest and most beautiful of all the other birds.
"I heard around the way that you got the most killer vocals of all the birds. Why don't you go ahead and sing for me this morning?"
“I hear you also have the most beautiful singing voice of all the other birds. Won't you sing a song for me this morning?”
Crow didn't have no problem singing for Jackal. He stretched out his wings, cleared his throat, spread his chest and started the most wonderful chirping a bird ever could.
Crow was so flattered that he stretched his wings and prepared to sing for the jackal. He pushed his chest out and let out a loud pitched sound.
The cheese came falling from Crow mouth, right to Jackal. Crow watched Jackal running off into the forest with his cheese. Crow was mad as heck and kept being hungry.
As Crow started singing the cheese fell to the ground, right in front of Jackal. Crow stopped and looked down. Jackal grabbed the piece of cheese and ran into the bush. Crow was left angry and hungry.
The end.
The Clever Jackal and the Foolish Crow